Sunday, May 29, 2011

Weak Moment at Louis Vuitton

I had a weak moment at Louis Vuitton last month :p  Here is the photo of the big box I brought home.

I promise my hubby I will not buy anything from Louis Vuitton again...this year :p
I love my new Louis Vuitton collection, which accessory do you like the most? 


  1. Oh hello Mel,

    What a pleasant surprise to see you again! Been missing you here. Hope you are keeping well. Indeed, they are really pretty. Im glad I didnt sell them away during my madness.

    p/s: Love that Louis Vuitton brea in vernis! Lovely glossiness. Apprently, it is meant to resemble a doctor's bag

  2. I usually do not like LV, but this bag is pretty :)