Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Lady Dior and Diana, Princess Wales

Lady Dior is an absolute classic handbag.

In 1995, LVMH sponsored the Cezanne Art Exhibition at the Grand Palais in Paris.  At the opening ceremony a new Dior bag was given to Diana, Princess of Wales by former French First Lady Bernadette Chirac.

Dior’s new creation was immediately adopted by the Princess Diana, who ordered every available version and colour.  In order to show the honor of Princess Diana, Dior then gave this new model a graceful name "Lady Dior" with Princess's blessing, which has nowadays become one of Dior’s classic handbags.

I always wanted a Lady Dior bag, now I have a new reason to get one.

Photos of my favourite Lady Dior handbags :)



  1. i really like the lady dior too.. but it's so heavy!!! plus i don't like to have to hold my handbags hahaha.

  2. It's so lovely! I want one!!!

    jos xx

  3. They are indeed very pretty, but I could never afford one plus Chanel & Hermes already stand on my "to buy as soon as I'm married to a mafioso/millionaire/whoever has a whole lot of money" list, so Dior has definitely to wait. I don't like heavy bags, so maybe it would be too heavy for me anyways.

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  4. wow I honestly just found out that this bag is named after Lady Diana- thanks for the great post, love the pink one :)

  5. Dear Mel,

    Thank you for dropping by my blog. It is nice to know that my page was in your thoughts. Unfortunately, Im so busy at work these days that I haven't have the time to update post. Hope you are well.

    it so sad to see natural disaster happening one after another...

    p/s: speaking of Dior Lady. I managed to stroke the phyton version (pic no2) whilst in via Condotti, Rome. The sales lady was staring the whole time. She was thinking I might nick and run away with it.

  6. Hi Lisa,

    I also don't like heavy bag. That is why I rarely use my Dior work heavy :(


  7. Hi Tabatha,

    Thank you for your comment. I also agree with you..that is why Lady Dior is still not in my closet :p


  8. I like it, but I think I love Chanel more!

  9. I love this bag!!
    I love all the photos :) nice blog :) i'm gonna visit it again :)

  10. Maybe that's why Lady Di had such toned arms--from carrying around that bag, hahaha! Following back!