Sunday, February 20, 2011

Forever Classic Bags

Chanel and Hermes are the top designer houses in the fashion industry.

Why?  Women are crazy over their classic handbags that were designed from many years ago.

I know people own more than one Chanel 2.55 in various materials, colours, or sizes.  Should anyone own more than one handbag with just variations in colours or materials?

Well, I told my husband, classic handbags like Chanel 2.55 or Hermes Birkin will last forever; because the price will only go up every year and the styles will never retire.  So it is like an investment, maybe I can resale my collection during my retirement, since it might outperform my stock portfolio. LOL.

1 comment:

  1. sooooo true!! i sold two of my chanel bags.. and my husband joked i got a better return on them then his stock portfolio!!